Chi Energy
& Other Symptoms

The following symptoms are all directly related to the chi energy:

Excess Yang

Headaches, a deep red tongue, vertigo, hypertension, and bleeding nose are very typical symptoms of excess yang chi. This occurs due to an imbalance of yin and yang energies. You need equal proportions of both to maintain good health, and a qigong lifestyle is one of the best ways to maintain that delicate balance.

What do I mean by a qigong lifestyle? Practicing qigong exercises is only one component. A balanced diet, adequate and regular sleep, adequate fresh air and sunlight also play an important role.

If you experience symptoms of excess yang, chances are you are on a diet heavy in predominantly yang foods — such as meat and fried or oven-baked foods — stay up late at night, are overworked and stressed out, or suffer a combination of these factors.

To overcome these effects, you need to change your lifestyle to a more balanced one. For more immediate results, neutralize the yang lifeforce by drinking "cooling" drinks such as chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, green or pau d'arco teas. Supplement your diet with salads of fresh leafy greens. And try retiring no later than eleven at night.

Excess Yin

Coughing, a pale colorless tongue and complexion, cramps and diarrhea, habitually cold limbs and extremities, fatigue and low libido are just some of the typical symptoms of excess yin. Because of their natural disposition, females, the chronically weak and sick, and the elderly tend to suffer more from this condition than do healthy males.

Again, just as with excess yang chi, it is important to bring back a healthy balance. Avoid green and flowering teas, especially at night.

Immediate results can be obtained by consuming internal organs of animals, such as liver, heart and kidneys, and also by consuming red meat, especially deer, goat, and lamb. Herbs, such as Asian ginseng and angelica root can also help to boost yang chi energy.

However, remember to consume any of these in moderation: too much foods rich in the yang life force can cause a reversal of excess yang.

Increased Intensity of Symptoms:

Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis & Other Chronic Ailments/Disease

Qigong exercises, meditation, yogic breathing, combined with a cleansing diet can bring about detoxification very quickly. Detoxification occurs when the healing chi energy flushes toxins out of the system. These toxins are then eliminated through perspiration, bowel movement, urination and flatulence.

However, when too many toxins are flushed out in one sitting, it can overwhelm the system, and increase the intensity of any allergy, asthma or other chronic ailments from which you suffer. Even symptoms of irritability, mood swings, headaches, dizziness, cold and flu-like symptoms can be signs of too much detoxification in a short period of time.

When these symptoms surface, drink lots of clear fluids and reduce the intensity of your qigong exercise and meditation. If the side effects become too intense, give your body a rest from qigong, yogic breathing and meditation for a few days until the symptoms subside.

These symptoms should not be ignored, as their intensity can overwhelm the body. However, they should be viewed as a natural outcome of your body attempting to rid itself of unwanted contaminants.

Increased Libido

During the early stages of qigong training, the chi energy is young and immature, but with detoxification and purification of mind and body, and further development of the life force, the chi energy gradually becomes refined into an essence known as jing.

As with chi energy, there are many types of jing essences, each with a different purpose: self-defence, health and longevity, healing, and personal and spiritual development. One type of jing is sexual essence that will increase your libido. In higher levels of training, practitioners channel this highly refined essence for spiritual development.

To avoid draining or wasting this life force, avoid engaging in excess sexual activity.

Energy Drain & Possession By Negative Entities

If you experience chronic fatigue, inability to stay warm, and a drain of energy, this could be a sign that your life force is being drained either inadvertently or deliberately.

In most cases, it is done unintentionally. Only very occasionally, there are energy vampires who, by their very negativity, will drain you of chi, deliberately by practicing a qigong black art, especially designed for this purpose, or inadvertently by their negative thinking or due to a debilitating illness.

To protect yourself from energy vampires, you can use your yi consciousness to block them out mentally. You can also use yinian to channel your chi energy to push their negative energy out of you. However, keep in mind, even in self-defence there are always repercussions to causing harm to another individual.

This also applies to possession by negative entities. Again, if your yi is sufficiently strong enough, you can channel the chi to push the entities out. See Energy Vampires & Negative Qigong for other techniques in dealing with this problem.

Possession and intentional energy drain rarely occur during qigong practice, but when they do, they are usually associated with black arts such as black magic, voodoo or negative qigong. On the other hand, unintentional energy drain can be due to other factors:

If you are sufficiently advanced in your qigong training to practice distant healing, then you could have inadvertently forgotten to close your energy gates. If you are not sufficiently advanced, then you should not be practicing healing for the same and other reasons.

Energy healing requires deliberate channeling of the life force to heal yourself or another individual. In order to do this, the yi must be sufficiently developed to channel the healing energy, to prevent inadvertent transfer of the illness back to the healer and to open and close the energy gates of both the healer and the person who is being healed.

The chi energy must also be sufficiently developed to conduct the healing without being drained or injured.

If you are not the healer but the one being healed, be sure that the healer remembers to close your energy gates with his/her yinian at the conclusion of the healing session. Otherwise, you will feel terribly drained the following day.

Lastly, you can experience an energy drain through traumatic injury or severe illness. When this happens, the energy drain can become chronic, because your yinian and chi are too weak to defend against it.

Having a veteran practitioner or healer close the energy gates for you can temporarily stop this, but ideally, you should practice tai chi qigong to rebuild your defenses. Until then when you have rebuilt your immune system and your chi energy is strong enough to resist the onslaught, you will continue to be vulnerable to energy drain and the resulting symptoms.