Ortho C Contact Lenses:
A Myopia Fix!

Ortho C contact lenses are non-prescriptive and worn only a few minutes per sitting with immediate results!

Qigong vision therapy is very effective, but if you are as lazy as I am in practicing qigong eye care, there is another safe, though less effective method to reversing myopia and astigmatism.

It's called Orthoculogy or Ortho C for short. Developed by Canadian optometrist and police officer John William Yee, these contact lenses are non-prescriptive but produce results that you can literally see immediately!

Too good to be true? I thought so too, until I tried them myself. Since they cost the same as regular prescriptive contact lenses, I decided they were definitely worth trying, so more than a year ago, I ordered a pair.

Because I had never worn contact lenses before, I had to go to a local optometrist to try them on.

The optometrist did not know these were specially made Ortho C lenses; he thought they were prescriptive lenses, and when he tested my sight, he found they corrected my myopia and severe astigmatism almost perfectly in the first sitting.

Why would the optometrist's words convince me that Ortho C really works? Because he thought these lenses were prescriptive, when they were NOT! Yet they worked exactly — no, actually better than prescriptive lenses.

Considering this was my first trial, the optometrist said the lenses were a close fit, and would not require much adjustment. However, because these are specially shaped lenses, I refused to have them adjusted, which would have reduced or worse, cancelled the effectiveness of the Ortho C treatment.

How can non-prescriptive contact lenses fix myopia and astigmatism, so effectively that, worn just a few minutes per sitting over an extended period of time, can permanently reverse these conditions?


In order to understand how Ortho C works, you must first understand the causes of myopia and astigmatism.

Myopia is nearsightedness caused by the shape of the eyeball being too long or the cornea too steep, so that images become focused in the vitreous inside the eye instead of on the retina at the back of the eye.


Astigmatism is also due to an irregularly shaped cornea. Instead of being sphere-shaped, it is shaped like an oval, and the cornea is unable to focus the light properly, resulting in multiple focal points, and the difficulty of seeing fine details.

Normally, only prescriptive contacts for astigmatism or eyeglasses can temporarily correct the condition. Otherwise, you could resort to more permanent surgical means which also carry inherent risks, not to mention financial costs.

However, Ortho C not only offers a permanent cure,
but is completely safe and cost-effective.

With the help of plain "flexible" contact lenses, Ortho C reshapes the eyeball, lens and cornea back to their normal shape. Worn a few minutes a day, vision improves naturally until you gradually wear the contact lenses less and less often, eventually doing away with them altogether!

How is Ortho C better than laser surgery or other forms of corrective lenses? Here are the benefits:

  • You wear them only a few minutes per sitting, and not every day. The stronger your myopia, the longer you wear them, for a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes per sitting, every few days. In fact, John emphasizes that you cannot wear them for prolonged periods, otherwise they will not work.

    Because my myopia is quite mild, I only have to wear the contact lenses for a maximum of one and half minutes per sitting, two or three times a week, eventually tapering off until my myopia and astigmatism are cured!

  • Ortho C will completely reverse mild and moderate cases of nearsightedness. In fact, you can see immediate results within a few days of treatment.

    I have worn these contact lenses only three times, but I no longer have to wear my prescription glasses when I'm driving, and Yee estimates that I will have to wear the Ortho C only once a month for a few months for them to effect a permanent cure of my myopia.

    However, because my astigmatism is quite severe, it will take longer to reverse permanently, so that I can see 20/20.

  • Unlike prescriptive contact lenses that you have to wear for long periods of time, there are no side effects with Ortho C. That means no sore, fatigued eyes, no corneal abrasions, and less chance of contracting eye infections that are more likely to occur when wearing prescriptive contacts for prolonged periods.

  • Just like laser surgery, the effects are permanent. But unlike laser surgery, Ortho C is completely natural and noninvasive, so it doesn't carry the inherent surgical risks of damage to the eye and resulting eyesight.

  • Best of all, Ortho C is inexpensive, costing about the same as a regular set of prescription contacts! Moreover, you don't have to be stuck wearing them for the rest of your life!

So if you suffer from mild to moderate myopia with or without astigmatism, and you don't want to wear prescriptive glasses or contact lenses, Ortho C offers a natural solution with absolutely no side effects or the prohibitive costs of laser surgery.

If your myopia is severe, that is, your prescription ranges between -2.00 to -4.00 diopters, you might not achieve 20/20 vision with Ortho C, but it will still significantly improve your vision with the results between 20/40 and 20/25.

Not sure what that means? 20/20 vision is perfect vision. It means that you can see the bottom two lines of the Snellen Eye Chart at twenty feet away. If your visual acuity is 20/40, it means that you can only see objects twenty feet away what people with perfect eyesight can see at forty feet.

You can find out more about John Yee's Ortho C treatment at his website, reversingnearsightedness.com. To contact him, you can also reach him by email: johnyee@email.com, but depending on the volume of clientele, you may have to wait a few days for his response.

Because it is a natural method of reshaping the myopic/astigmatic eye and it follows similar principles in line with qigong vision therapy, I thought it should be made known to people who believe in natural eye care. In fact, I believe in Ortho C so much that I offered to write about it without any remuneration.

Although I have not met John Yee in person, I have corresponded with him through e-mail on several occasions concerning my treatment, and told him that Ortho C is too good a treatment to ignore. Why not make it better known to the public?

Unfortunately, according to John, the information on his website is somewhat out of date, as he has improved on the treatment since the first launching of Ortho C.

For more current and detailed information on the treatment, you can order his book called Reversing Nearsightedness, also available on his website, but if you order the contacts, he will include the book for free as part of the Ortho C treatment.

NOTE: Ortho C will not remedy severe cases of myopia, hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism, but it can reduce those conditions significantly. On the other hand, qigong vision therapy can reverse almost all conditions, including legal blindness! Ideally, you should practice qigong vision therapy with the Ortho C application for the fastest and most effective results.

Even so, Ortho C is a safe natural cure for mild to moderate cases of myopia. You can now replace your contacts for astigmatism and myopia with Ortho C, and see better without the prohibitive costs of laser surgery or cumulative costs of prescriptive lenses. Take it from me, it's definitely a promising sight for myopic eyes!