Soothing Relief
For Cramping Diarrhea

This simple remedy not only provides quick soothing relief from diarrhea and stomach cramps, but is also readily available and easy to prepare. What's more, it has the added benefit of being a healthy and tasty treat.

All it takes to get soothing relief is an apple! Any apple will do, although Granny Smiths appear to be most effective.

Pare the skin and core the apple. Then, cut the apple into small chunks. Put the apple chunks into a pot and add about one measuring cup of water, just enough to cover the apple. Cook until the chunks are soft.

Then eat the apple and drink the water while it is still hot. You'll start to feel better within minutes.

Some people enjoy this tasty remedy so much that they will make it just as a healthy dessert or as a simple light snack. I suspect that my father doesn't really suffer from stomach cramping as often as he claims but uses it as an excuse to prepare this delicious remedy!

For more severe, recurring cases, you should seek medical help, and drink fluids to keep from becoming dehydrated. On the other hand, to treat the occasional bout or cases of stomach cramping that are less severe, this simple remedy will do just fine.

And there you have it: a very simple home remedy for mild to moderate bouts of diarrhea that is easy to access, simple to prepare and delectable to eat!