Free Eye Exercises
to Improve Vision

These eye exercises are a part of a qigong (also spelled chi kung) vision therapy that I teach my students. Most if not all of them report seeing an immediate improvement after just a few minutes of exercise. If you don’t believe me, try them yourself. You have nothing to lose, except perhaps your eyeglasses!

It’s unfortunate that the eyeglasses are such a multi-billion dollar industry in the West, because they have so much influence over our way of thinking.

Eyeglasses do not improve eye health. They may help you see better, but when you take them off, you’re worse off than before you wore them. That’s because they act like crutches for your eyes.

When your eyes start to rely on them, the eye muscles weaken and become lazy. I prove this to my students by giving them a pair of pinpoint eye wear to try on. They can read the eye chart perfectly without eyeglasses!

It's not that they have changed anything in their eyes, only in the way they use their eye muscles:

Pinhole Eye Wear

Remember, they aren't wearing eyeglasses, just eye wear frames with cardboard holes, but the pinpoint holes in the eye wear force their eyes to use certain muscles and to relax other muscles in order to focus properly. When they take off the eye wear, they are back to practicing their old habit of not focusing properly.

Therefore, if you want to improve vision, the solution is to throw away the eyeglasses you have become so dependent on and practice eye exercises that will train your eye muscles to function properly.

Of course, if you cannot see clearly to function in an otherwise safe environment, then by all means, wear them. But while you are practicing qigong or qigong eye exercises, you should not wear your eyeglasses. In fact, you should try to minimize your wearing time to as little as possible.

Let me say this one more time:

Eyeglasses not only do NOT improve vision
but make your eyesight WORSE over time!

Think about it: once you start wearing prescription glasses, with time, you find that you have to get stronger and stronger prescription glasses. That means your eyesight is weaker than it was previously.

However, with qigong eye exercises, you can improve your vision and maintain good eye health.

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And if you find these eye exercises helpful, you may want to consider taking the complete program to reap the long-term benefits that only the full vision therapy program can provide.

Sample Eye Exercises

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