Diet, Nutrition & Simple Remedies

Diet, nutrition, herbs and home remedies are all part of alternative medicine and traditional qigong health maintenance. That is why traditionally, qigong (a.k.a. chi kung) masters were both healers and martial artists.

My master taught me qigong and martial arts, but he also found time to teach me about diet, nutrition, herbs and other remedies for health and prevention. Sometimes, my master would even let me and other students try out various herbs and herbal teas that he created, so that we would know their nutritional value and healing properties.

Since my master is also a Chinese doctor, trained in acupuncture, qigong healing and herbalism, he has a clinic where people from all over the country come to see him for treatment in alternative medicine.

Having spent much of my time at his side, I have had the opportunity of observing his treatments first hand and picking up more than my share of knowledge in these areas.

I was fortunate too, that my mother has always devoted much of her life to studying Chinese medicine, home remedies and nutrition, so that when my master was not available I could always seek out my mother for help. In fact, over the years, I rely more on my mother's herbal tonics than on my family physician!

Below, I have listed the most effective treatments I know. Click on any you find relevant to your needs. Since the information on alternative medicine is too broad to be provided on one page, I have chosen to include only the ones that I think are most effective, the ingredients easy to access or use, or the treatment important to know.

All of the remedies and herbs listed here should be simple to create and the ingredients easily accessible. If you live in a region that has temperate to subtropical climate, you can grow many of the kitchen remedies and other ingredients yourself.

If not, you can buy most of the kitchen remedies in your local supermarket, and most herbal ingredients should be readily available in your local Chinatown herbal stores.

However, keep in mind, these are treatments using alternative medicine that MAY be used to supplement certain treatments but MIGHT NOT always be compatible with all treatments.

Even herbal remedies and ordinary foods can have side effects. Consult with your physician to make sure that these are the best recourse for you and that these treatments do not conflict with any medication you are currently taking.

As for diet and nutrition, I certainly don't have the last say on the subject. There is no one good diet, nor is there one kind of food that can provide all your nutritive needs. What is more, even a good thing can be overdone: just because something is good for you doesn't mean that more is better. Always practice in moderation, and only when needed.

For example, more and more Westerners are becoming aware of the health attributes of ginseng, and other Chinese medicine, and herbal companies and natural health food stores have been selling them as if there is no tomorrow. However, herbs still have contraindications and when used improperly, can even cause harm.

Ginseng should never be taken when you have a cold or are suffering other illnesses that it cannot help. Ginseng is meant to boost the immune system but if you have a cold, flu, or fever, it can make the symptoms worse! Moreover, Asian ginseng is not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure or people with ascending yang energy.

Therefore, use these herbs and kitchen remedies according to the guidelines and make sure you do not overdose on them.

That goes the same with diet and nutrition. Papaya, for example is good for cleansing the digestive tract, but when over-consumed, can cause candida or other yeast infections. Diabetics and hypoglycemics should also watch their sugar intake.

So treat these remedies and nutritional supplements as you would anything that affects your health. Alternative medicine and Chinese medicine can do wonders, and a properly balanced diet and herbal supplements can provide all the nutrients for optimal health. But just like prescriptive drugs, they can also have harmful side effects when misused.

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