Personal Trainer & Program
For Success

Your very own inexpensive personal trainer, someone with over 30 years of experience whom you can enlist to help you every step of the way?

Believe it! As your personal coach, I can help you plan a program that will not only address your individual needs and interests, but also help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.

For only USD $9.99, Order Your Personal Training Program Now!

What do I mean by that? Tai chi qigong, like all serious disciplines require much training and effort. Commercialized schools charge for every hour of instruction, but you're not guaranteed results or even quality instruction that will address your own specific needs.

As for a personal coach to work with you one on one — that would be ideal if you could afford one or even find someone who is qualified. But in reality, let's face it, most of us end up settling for much much less.

Little wonder that a vast majority never get far in their tai chi qigong training. So how appealing does it sound to you to become part of that majority, stuck in first gear, never getting off the springboard?

Much less attractive is it to find several years down the road, with thousands of dollars and hours of effort invested, you have little to show for it, except perhaps some fancy moves, a set of physical calisthenics and Certificate 101 verifying that you have completed Course Program ABC. (See New Age Qigong & the Qigong Industry).

Now contrast this mental picture with a more attractive one of your very own personal trainer who will work with you one-on-one at the time of your choosing and at your level of intensity!

For only USD $9.99, Order Your Personal Program Now!

Believe it or not, not everyone will take advantage of this rare opportunity — not because they can't afford it — the personal coaching is very nominally priced. But when it comes down to it, most people are afraid to commit themselves.

Yes, affordability is not a problem — but you have to be willing to commit to the practice and the effort to succeed.

When it comes down to it, that is also why I charge this nominal fee — not to make lots of money, because it doesn't — but because I have found that some of my best students are the ones that have a vested financial interest in tai chi qigong. After all, who wants to part with their hard earned money unless they can be sure to get their investment back?

So how bad do you want it? Whatever it takes to succeed?

Here are some options to consider:

  • Learn from a book, video or ecourse;
  • Attend commercialized classes;
  • Attend a workshop that charges exorbitant fees based on media hype;
  • Benefit from an individualized program and one-on-one sessions with a personal coach.

For only USD $9.99, Order Your Personal Program Now!

Of course you can always join the masses in a commercialized setting. That will make you no different from your fellow students. Or, you can step out of the box, take the extra step to become the minority individual resolute enough to succeed in your goals.

Having a personal trainer to provide one-on-one coaching means a program personalized to meet your specific needs and goals every step of the way.

Having a personal coach means your background experience will be taken into consideration, YOUR learning style, YOUR aptitude, YOUR interests, even YOUR time.

In the words of one of my students, "It is almost like having a Master beside [you]."

So now, how can you succeed with your very own personal coach? To ensure your success, I'm not only going to provide the guidance but I'm also going to gift you with the following ebooks:

  • Ensuring Your Own Personal Success in Tai Chi Qigong
  • Fitting Lessons & Instruction to Your Personal Needs

For only USD $9.99, Order Your Personal Coach for Tai Chi Qigong Training Program Now!

And one more thing to keep in mind: the registration form provides me with information that I use to help tailor the training program to your specific needs. So the more detail you provide me, the better.

Of course, you can change your goals and priorities at any time you wish, but right now, I need to get a sense of what it is exactly you are looking for, and how I can best provide it.

And once you enter that special relationship, I'll even gift you with yet another free ebook, Starting Your Personal Training with additional free exercises included to jumpstart you on your Personal Training Program right away!

So now, you get three ebooks, plus several basic qigong exercises, in addition to a lifetime of personal guidance — all for a small nominal price.

Don't become a mediocre student constrained by the mass market. Become a master learner now with a personal trainer to guide you every step of the way. Fill out the form below to get your free ebooks and start your personal journey of success right now.

For only USD $9.99, Order Your Personal Program Now!

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