Versatile Serenity Qigong Exercises

Serenity Qigong exercises, or Youxian Gong in Chinese, are versatile exercises modified to best meet the wide range of needs of my individual students, taking into consideration issues of mobility, space and time.

Youxian Gong offers a range of advantages over many other kinds of tai chi qigong disciplines:

  • The exercises are easy to learn and master. Each qigong exercise addresses a specific need.

    Whether it's to increase your wrist flexibility and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, reduce stress and tension in the shoulders, or increase the range of movement in your back, Youxian Gong is a form of medical qigong presented in a simple-to-learn manner that best promotes health, relaxation and wide range of movement with very little effort.

  • Limited space is not an issue: you can practice Youxian Gong anywhere, including in a tiny bedroom, at your desk, in a crowded classroom, standing room space such as in an office, or in line at a bus stop.

    And for some qigong exercises, you can even practice in a car or shower stall … or anywhere else! Some of these exercises are so subtle, that you can practice them publicly without attracting any undue notice.

  • There are entire sets of Serenity Qigong movements to address needs of different levels of capability. Because of their simplicity and ease of movement, young and old, athletic and those with physical handicaps can practice these simple exercises almost equally as well.

    I have had triathlon runners and people in wheelchairs with Parkinson Disease benefit from the same qigong exercises.

  • While each level has many exercises, there is flexibility in how you want to customize your routine. Unlike most tai chi qigong, there are no sequence of exercises to memorize or recall. Instead you can mix and match exercises to meet your specific needs of time and space and physical capability.

    For example, you can create a morning routine of ten or more exercises that include a wide range of movement to give you a good energetic workout. Or a five minute routine of two or three of your favorite exercises to fit into a short coffee break.

    You can even create a Level 1 routine for when you're unable to leave your desk but still want to break up your work with some qigong exercises to keep you limber, energetic and alert. And perhaps another wind-down routine for the end of the day, when you just want something meditative and relaxing to help reduce your stress levels.

  • Youxian Gong, Serenity Qigong exercises are divided into three distinct levels to meet different capabilities and needs:

    Level One consists of exercises that are practiced primarily in a sitting position and are ideal for those confined to desk jobs or to wheelchairs.

    The second level consists of qigong exercises in standing posture, and the third covers exercises that are more active, requiring more range of movement, stepping up or down and moving around — all taking into consideration constraints in space.

  • I specifically named these qigong exercises, Youxian Gong or Serenity Qigong for a reason: while they offer many health benefits, they are gentle and relaxing at the same time, and they always conclude with a meditative exercise designed to give you a sense of health, serenity and sense of well-being.

    Flexibility is an important feature of Serenity Qigong. To address both the needs of my less mobile students and my more athletic practitioners, I have created three distinct levels. You can choose to start at Level One and gradually move onto Levels Two and Three. Or you can start at higher levels or even remain on just the one level of your choosing.

Level One of Youxian Gong, Serenity Qigong is now available for just $US 69.95. If you are intending to practice the qigong exercises in a group with co-workers and classmates, you can purchase the group rate of $995 for 20 participants that will be coming soon.

Level One exercises come in a total of 7 email installments of a total of 14 exercises. With the group purchase, you will receive the ebook copy that you can distribute to all the members of your group in addition to these regular email installments.

This ebook comes with a full introduction and helpful guide on how to optimize your training, the exercises themselves, a full-link glossary to vocabulary used to help you understand and benefit from these qigong exercises, as well as suggestions and website links on how to move on after your mastery of these gentle exercises.

For only USD $69.95, Order Your Individual Set of Serenity Qigong, Level One Now!

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For only USD $995 you can order your group set of Serenity Qigong, Level One, plus download your free copy of the ebook on everything you need to facilitate your mastery of Serenity Qigong and more.

Please also look forward to Levels Two and Three in the forthcoming months:

You can order your Serenity Qigong, Level Two, which covers 15 sets of exercises for only USD $74.95 and Serenity Qigong, Level Three, which covers 16 sets of exercises for only USD $79.95.

For only USD $195 you can also order the entire package of Levels One, Two, and Three together. And the prerequisite ecourse of the Tai Chi Walk and the ebook are also included in the package.

For only USD $4,595 you can register up to 20 members for the group package, which includes all three levels of Serenity Qigong, the ebook, the prerequisite Tai Chi Walk, and the Eight Gates Tai Chi Chuan, a total value of USD $5,660. This translates into a saving of $4,595.

I live by well-defined principles of tai chi qigong. These reflect the integrity and honesty of the art and the lifestyle I choose to follow. By following these principles, tai chi qigong rewards its practitioners with holistic health and well-being. I hope you will benefit from these as well.

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